4 Ex Girlfriends Left Me With The Same Story, I Am Confused

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I met my first love when I was driving from ikole Ekiti to Osogbo osun State in early 2012.

She always sings it to my hear that she was lucky to have me, but after about 3years in the relationship which I had relaxed and believed that I have found the mother of my children.

She came up with a story that, her pastor said we are not compatible and that we will regret if we dare marry each other, I didn’t force or persuade her, she left in 2015.

I got into another relationship in 2016 March, this one was really ready to marry cuz she advised me to rent a 2bedroom apartment she even gave me money to get a set of chair and put in the living room for us to start living together…

She came back home with the same story in 2017 Feb on her birthday that her pastor said, I’m not the man for her, she left without looking back.

To cut the story short, I did an admission for a girl in 2018, and we ended up dating, I gave her close marking until she had to travel back home cuz of the Corona outbreak, she called me from home and told me that her pastor said, she should not marry me cuz it may not augur well, I begged and persuaded for about one month but she insisted…

I still didn’t see it as anything untill last night when the girl I’ve been dating after Corona break, we met at the teaching practice, we spend most of our time together she literally lived with me

…but she went to Abuja, her parents place last week Saturday, she’s been giving me attitudes until last night when she came out bluntly with same story, that her Mom saw it in the dream that her current boyfriend is not the person she should marry, that cries await her if she dares to..

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