Okowa Gives Update on Litigations Regarding Delegates’ list: PDP National Convention

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The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) accreditation sub-committee said on Tuesday that efforts were underway to settle a lawsuit over the list of delegates to the October 30 convention.

Dr Ifeanyi Okowa, sub-committee chair and Delta governor, reported this at a subcommittee meeting in Abuja.

.Okowa said the party and various congress committees are doing their best to keep the national congress running smoothly.

He was confident that all issues in court in some states on the conflicting delegate lists would be settled amicably.

“We are also trying to look at all the issues, including some people trying to stop some delegates at the court.

“But I think we are on top of all that, we will handle it and at the end of the day, by Thursday, we will have the total accredited number of delegates.

“So, I will give you the number of delegates when we meet on Friday morning.

“We are no

“You can see that most of the positions and aspirants are unopposed. So that shows you that the party is on course for a successful National Convention,” Okowa said.

t worried about what is going on, we always have a way of resolving our issues and God is always with us.

He said that in Ekitti and other states, the PDP still has issues with people arguing in court over whether the state’s elected officials should be on the list.

He said the party’s legal counsel would advise on how to resolve the matter.

“We may likely not have conflicting delegates, but wherever we think that there is a court order, we have no choice than to exit those delegates.

“Except for the statutory delegates, who by their right and positions held in the past are not by reasons of election supposed to delegate,” he said.

Okowa added that at least 3,000 delegates are expected to attend the national competition and the delegates know him.

Okowa also said the certification subcommittee was crucial to the success of the party’s national convention, adding that the subcommittee is working hard to correct it.

“We do realize that if we get the process of accreditation right, we will largely have gotten the convention right. We do not pray that we get it wrong,” Okowa said.

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