Anambra Election: Shine Your Eyes – Igbo Group Warns Voters

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An Igbo interest group, Igbos for Progressive Nigeria (IPAN), has called on Anambra residents who can vote in the state’s upcoming gubernatorial election to be vigilant as they carry out their civic responsibilities.

The group, during a press conference on Sunday, advised voters to evaluate all candidates based on their pedigree in both private and public life to determine who can manage the country’s meager resources for the good of all.

Mr. Lawrence Onuzulike, IPAN’s national president, who made the call at a press conference in Awka, instructed Anambra voters to shine their eyes, as it is another privilege for them to reintegrate into national politics.

According to the group, posters of eligible candidates should be evaluated to union voters when they cast their ballots for candidates vacated from management.

“Anambra cannot afford to make the mistake of voting in someone who has no serious agenda for the people, who just want to be called governor but does not have a purposeful vision,” he said.

Onuzulike stressed that the Anambra election scheduled for November 6 would offer a new opportunity for the state’s people to correct their previous mistakes.

He cites some of the challenges the country faces to include, decaying education, health institutions, poor water systems, and sewage systems, saying the challenges arise from poor managerial skills directed at the sector.

IPAN believes the time has come for a fresh start at Anambra to change sectors it deems to be poorly managed and says it is up to voters to vote properly.

He said voters should be able to choose a candidate who would be able to see the Igbo in the middle to project the election of Igbo people as president in 2023.

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