BBNaija: I Don’t Want A Nigerian Girl As A Friend – Maria Reveals

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After the Saturday night party came to an end, the housemates went into the garden to continue with their dancing and discussions.

Maria who was previously dancing with Pere in high spirit left him and went dancing playfully in front of Nini and Saga who were sitting down and discussing.

As she danced, Nini held her hands and told her that she has a feeling and believe that they would become best of friends after the show.

Maria told her that she rarely makes friends and the two girlfriends that she has are not from Nigeria. Politely turning down her friendship, Maria explained that she does not want a Nigerian girl to be her friend.

According to Maria, her reason for not wanting to be friends with any Nigerian woman is because of the encounter she had when she first tried to make a Nigerian lady her friend. Maria said the friend backstabbed her and since then she has been having a phobia for making friends with Nigerian ladies.

Maria’s explanation however did not stop Nini from telling her she likes her as a friend and wishes they could continue after the show. Maria said since it’s Nini, she would give it a chance. They made signs of promise to each other and hugged each other.

After that she told Nini that Saga has all the qualities she wants in a man and also told her that Saga compliments her.

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