BBNaija Shine Ya Eye: Why I Don’t Like Angel – Maria

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Maria, has shared with Big Brother why she does not like her fellow housemate, Angel during her diary session on Wednesday.

The former Wildcard and current Head of House said that Angel is being a stumbling block in the relationships between Jackie B, Micheal and Liqiourose, Emmanuel.

Maria disclosed to Big Brother after he had asked her what else she has to say that Angel is using her ‘powers’ to destroy the sweet relationships that had already kicked off in the house.

Maria noted that although she likes other aspects of Angel but she hates her for that behaviour, stating that Jackie B had already let it show that she was into Micheal.

According to Maria, Angel now cooks and likes to play with Micheal in the house.

Big Brother however replied that the males in the picture that is, Micheal and Emmanuel should set the boundaries instead because Angel will always be Angel just like Maria had said that boys would always be boys.

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