BEFORE THE NIGHT. How I Lost My Virginity.

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I have always waited patiently for my own God-given girlfriend. Whenever I meet a girl, I believed she was the chosen one but one thing always leads to the other and the relationship ends.

Should I tell you that this was also how I kept struggling to make my parents proud, at least with better results? But each time I tell them that I will be doing very well, that year my result comes out worse.

Basically, I wasn’t good at the “bad way of life”, neither was I great at the “good way of life”. It was really terrible!

Could you imagine, I knelt down one fateful day to pray to God to help me find a girlfriend. It was that serious! I do not think it was a bad idea. After all in Nollywood, thieves even pray before embarking on operations.

Another great angle I had for myself was that my parents and siblings constantly praying for each other, for our heart desires to come true.


Around 9pm, chidimma called me to come over to her house. That was when I knew God might have answered my personal prayer.

Watch out for EPISODE 2

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