Bloodshed in Ebonyi Villages by suspected Herders.

There is an ongoing pogrom in Ebonyi State Nigeria perpetrated by suspected FulaniHerdsmen. These suspected herders are going about writing letters of their attacks to villages, attacking them, butchering helpless women and children as it seems these are their main targets.

So many villages are currently being attacked and are helpless about the situation. Some communities like Nnodo, Otebu, iguduobu, obodocha, Izzi have been attacked, lost so many lives and properties.

These terrorists attack their unsuspecting victims in the wee hours of the night , kill and Maine their victims. Federal teaching hospital , Abakaliki is currently filled with so many attack victims who have been rendered homeless and helpless.

The hearts of Ebonyi State residents are bleeding! The people are calling on the Federal and State government to rise to the occasion and come to their aids and do something about these incessant attacks and prevent further bloodshed.

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