Breaking: Paul Okoye’s Marriage in Shambles as Wife Files for Divorce.

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It would seem that not all that glitters is gold, wife of celebrity singer, musicians and member of the now defunct duo PSquare Paul Okoye popularly known as Rudeboy has filed for divorce.

The divorce proceedings which were filed in an Abuja high court have come as a surprise to everyone especially the fans and followers of the superstar and super talented singer.

Although the fracas between Paul and his brother Peter, who is now known as Mr P is public knowledge including the involvement of their brother and erstwhile manager Jude Okoye.

There was no inkling that there were any issues in the couples marriage, to the public they seemed like a perfectly happy family. And everyone is expressing their shock at the sudden turn of events.

No one has any idea of the reason for the separation, but it is being speculated that the couple had been having some issues recently, and the divorce was a long time coming. So far none of the parties involved have issued a statement addressing the divorce.

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