“Bring Back My Pot of Soup.” Man Who’s Pot of Soup Got Stolen in Makurdi Cries Out.

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A man who’s pot of soup got stolen on the fire while his girlfriend was cooking in Makurdi, the Benue State Capital has cried out and begged for the soup to be returned.

The Victim, identified as Lordhezron Kighir reported the occurence via inbox to KrazieTee Atu, a popular rapper and Philanthropist based in Makurdi via his Facebook account begging Atu to ask those responsible for the action to kindly return the soup as he had toiled hard to obtain the materials for the soup even in these hard economic times.

He also stated that his relationship was at stake because of this situation.

He also mentioned that even if the soup had been consumed, he’d appreciate if his pot was returned.

He volunteered Via inbox to KrazieTee Atu:

Someone just stole my pot of soup this evening while preparing it. A soup I spent a lot of cash to buy meat and spicies, and you know the condition of this country now as we speak, Orne kwagh la vihim dedooo(Brother I’m very pained).

After having a very stressful day at the market trying to buy foodstuffs in order to come and prepare lunch, I and my woman came back home but I later left her and went back to work.

You know, my kitchen door is outside, So while preparing the soup my woman went inside the main room to pick something, when she came back, the pot of soup was gone and it all seemed like magic. In mili seconds before she’ll come back to the kitchen, my pot of soup disappeared.

I want you to help me and beg the public, even if the soup is comsumed, atleast my pot shuld come back Orwam, that pot is expensive.. Its an occasional pot. Thank you.

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