Burna Boy Allegedly Beaten By Obafemi Martins’ Boys At A Club In Lagos

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Populra Nigerian singer and Grammy winner Burna Boy was reportedly beaten by the boys of the popular Nigerian footballer, Obafemi Martins at a club on June 14.

Burna Boy allegedly got slapped by one of the boys of the footballer, which resulted in club attendees coming to settle the dispute.

According to the reporters, Wizkid was also at the club party with the Grammy winner but left when the dispute got heated.

“Last night was total vawulence at Club Victoria in Lagos as one of Obafemi Martins’ boy landed dirty slaps on Burna boy’s face From our confirmed sources, the singer was beaten to stupor.

It took some kind of club attenders to save the situation by calming Oba’s boys who appeared to be ready to beat the whole of Burna boy’s boys who accompanied him to the club.

It will be recalled that couple of months ago, we reported how Burna disrespected Obafemi at a night club in Lagos where one of Burna’s boys landed Oba a slap.

Last night during the revenge slapping episode, Wizkid who was partying with Burna and co quickly left from the scene as it started getting more violent with slaps flying left and right.”

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