Champion Sound” Is Nothing But A Joke

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Davido’s 2020 was rocky, and he’s not been able to actually get out of that rough patch.

But he’s a big dawg, he can totally afford a rough patch. He’s got everything, and he’d be back in no time, that’s for sure. But how soon is the Davido people wanna hear gonna come back?

Well, coming off an album drop that flopped like that of “A Better Time,” it’s probably best to take your time, try to figure where it went wrong, fix it, and come back stronger.

So, yeah? That’s all it was supposed to be. For almost a year, he hasn’t released new material except for videos to some of the album’s tracks which he released earlier this year.

He has done a few collaborations, but surprisingly, only a few. So, that kinda gave the impression Davido would most likely come with a bang. But I sincerely think that impression and hope we had for him, has just been dashed. Because what is this “Champion Sound”?

It must be a joke. Because Davido cannot possibly think that the same thing that ruined his album is the stuff that’s gonna save him.

Since the emergence of the amapiano sound, countless Nigerian artists have jumped on the South African wave, to score a hit or two, and Davido wasn’t left behind.

As a matter of fact, his “A Better Time” LP seems to be predominantly all inspired by amapiano vibes, and many of the hits from the album all had the amapiano style. But that album was still a flop! Amapiano could not save the album, it won’t save him.

Obviously, Davido is thinking he could remake the magic he did on Focalistic’s “Ke Star” track, earlier this year. But can he, really? I don’t think so, and if “Champion Sound” is anything to go by, he’s not gonna score a hit by doing any more amapiano stuff.

Davido should move on from amapiano, and either get back and do some ‘pon pon’ stuff or just switch up completely, but that’s enough of amapiano.

Champion Sound” is not catchy, it’s not interesting, it’s not a jam, it’s never going to be a hit. Davido can do better.

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