Comedian Michael Blackson Advices Women To Be Faithful

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Comedian Michael Blackson has advised women to stay loyal, no matter what their men put them through, and the men will eventually do the right thing.

The comedian just proposed to his girlfriend, Rada, during a radio show and she said “yes” (read here).

Advising women after his proposal, the Ghanian-American comedian said men are “fuck ups” but they end up doing the right thing if the woman is loyal because men value loyalty.

He went on to tell women that “nothing good comes easy”.

Praising his new fiancée,  he said she’s the definition of a “great woman” and added that she has allowed him to have “a sidechic a month.”

"Ladies, regardless of what we put you through, stay loyal to your man," Michael Blackson advices women after he proposed to his girlfriend

In The Breaksfast Club interview, just before he proposed, Michael revealed he and Rada initially had relationship problems.

He said she initially had a problem with his lifestyle but they resolved that, with him being allowed 1 sidechic a month.

“We negotiated. I’m cutting down on the side bitches from 3 a month to maybe 1. We negotiated I’m allowed to have 1 chic a month.

“I realized that it’s just in me to live that life,” he said.

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