Could Reekado Banks’ “Lupita Nyongo” Be His Next Big Hit?

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Looks like Reekado Banks might have just hit a jackpot with his latest project, “OTR 2.”

OTR 2,” a second version of his “Off The Record” EP, is a 5-track extended play that houses Reekado’s “Ozumba Mbadiwe” hit and four other tracks that could just as well be his next hit.

The thing is, this just might be Reekado’s window. He has to grab it with everything he’s got and make a solid impression. Maybe he’ll get some deal and get to make a sophomore album.

It’s been five years since his debut already. What’s he got? Just a couple of hit songs, and two EP’s, one of which may now house more than two best hits of 2021. I guess luck finally found the guy.

Lupita Nyongo” is the new track that is being touted as Reekado’s next hit. Released as a part of the “OTR 2” EP, the song is named after the popular Kenyan actor, Lupita Nyong’o, who is known for her role as Nakia in the “Black Panther” movie.

The track is some heavy-percussion amapiano with a tempo that’s a little bit higher than that of the average amapiano song. The song is, of course, about a woman—his Lupita Nyongo—who he wants to spend all his money for. Nothing too deep, normal ‘dance for me’ story.

The song is especially groovy and Reekado’s use of words there is something. What I’m saying is, it’s a catchy song. It’s something that I could see scattering the dance floors. Even more so than the also amapiano “Ozumba Mbadiwe.”

The truth is, it’s a very good song, but that is never a guarantee. Even though, the worst I see happening to this track is it becomes a sleeper. That is, it’ll slowly continue to make more waves, and penetrate deep into next year.

The alternative is that Reekado Banks does a music video for it, promotes it a little, and it becomes a December hit. Either way, Reekado cannot lose. That’s what you get when you do good music anyway.

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