Dax Appreciates South Africa, Accepts Zulu Name.

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Nigerian-Canadian rapper, Dax has given a shout out to all his South African fans appreciating them for their continuous support to his career.

The hip hop maestro took to his Facebook page to share a photo of himself putting on a shirt embossed with the South African flag and the nickname given him by his south African fans “MUZI”.

Dax has recently connected with his fans on another level, engaging his Social Media followers and giving interviews a few more times than he did.


This is the NICKNAME given to me by South Africans. AMAZING! I was told “MUZI” means HOME. I accept and love this name. THIS SHIRT SOLIDIFIES IT.

Over the past few months the impact has been spreading all over the WORLD and the word HOME is such a fitting name. Thank you South Africa for leading the charge internationally and every other country joining me on this journey of music for the people spread by the people.

I’m still in shock at how many South Africans are supporting my work. I’m also PRAYING for you all and what’s currently happening out there in your country. My goal has always been to unify. Dax is HOME and everyone regardless of color, religion, gender, country, nationality, or social status has a room here. Music has NO BOUNDARIES. Thank you. God bless. Hopefully y’all like my new T-SHIT!

“MUZI” out

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