Divorce: Be Patient with me – Korra Obidi Breaks Down, Begs Fans

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Famous Nigerian dancer, Korra Obidi on Saturday broke down in tears as she spoke about her struggles with divorce.

Recall that Korra’s husband, Justin Dean announced he will be divorcing the mother of two over cheating, narcissistic attitude a few days after they welcomed their second daughter.

According to him, he’s tried to make the marriage work to no avail.

But since the news, Korra has been on Instagram sharing content and dancing in her usual style which she was greatly criticised for.

Some fans made comments on her post asking her to apologise and concentrate on her family rather than posting on social media.

However, Korra on Saturday in a Facebook live said she’s just faking being strong for her kids.

Korra in tears urged those making harsh comments and judging her without hearing her side of the divorce story to be empathetic.

Korra said, “When I can talk about my story. I’ll talk about it. When I’m able to tell my story, I will share everything with you guys.

“Until then, please be patient with me, have empathy. Please know that I have two girls that I have to take care of. If I’m not there, nobody will.

“I’m the only one here my family is not with me so I have to try to be strong even when I’m not.”

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