“Do Not Listen to Every Gospel!!” Daddy Freeze Shoots Fresh Jabs.

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Popular Social Media personality, Daddy Freeze has warned believers not to listen to not digest every gospel they come to hear, insisting that some teachings were not meant to be given second thoughts.

Daddy Freeze who became an online sensation after people fell in love with his banters on Religion and Religious leaders has not relented in Scattering the assembly of false prophets and Religious leaders.

He wrote:

Be careful which gospel you listen to..
The ‘Jesus’ many know today was sold to us by our colonial masters, who created this ‘god’ in their own image, so as to manipulate Africans, resulting in enslavement for centuries.
When you hear doctrines like; “love your wife as ‘Jesus’ loved the church”, what really comes to the subconscious mind isn’t Christ who laid his life down for the church, rather a god born out of the manipulative ideologies our slave masters, indoctrinated into us.
As a result of this, when an African husband ‘loves’ his wife like ‘Jesus’ did, what he really expects from her is slavery. By the same token, ‘Christ is the head of this home’ is not perceived in biblical construct; from the tenets of sacrifice and eternal love, rather it’s how a slave master sees his slave!

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