DO YOU AGREE? Karma Is Weak & Boring, Don’t Rely On It

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Karma simply mean the reward of a person’s actions. Karma is logically about punishment.

It makes a person responsible for their own life, and how they treat other people.

I think Karma is boring even though I don’t entirely believe in it. Oh yeah, Karma doesn’t exist in my opinion.

Karma is just a myth to keep the oppressed hopeful that they will get justice someday. A justice that will never come if they don’t take an action.

Like I said earlier in my opinion, I don’t believe in Karma, I believe in taking an immediate action, revenge or letting whatever it is, slide.

Karma is boring. The only thing that will get you justice is action, if you take action, you might get justice, but waiting for karma, you’re wasting your time.

When anyone offend you, there are two options to choose from. It’s either you take an immediate action, revenge and make the person pay or you forgive and let go.

If Karma is real and effective, IBB, the current president of Nigeria, and many others, would have been long died and forgotten. But they’re still very much alive and healthier than some of us. Lol

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