“Don’t Ever Shush Me Again” Whitemoney Sternly Warns Pere.

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It’s seems the gbas gbos between the two BBNaija SHINE YA EYE EDITION Housemates, Whitemoney and Pere isn’t ending anytime soon.

Just this evening, there has been an issue between them with Pere telling Whitemoney to shut up.

However, Whitemoney isn’t having any of his bull$h*t today as he has sternly warned Pere never to repeat such, reiterating that he’s from a cultural background that doesn’t tolerate disrespect.

WhiteMoney ranted:

I am trying to explain the towel situation to you and you said abeg abeg abeg, that is indirectly telling me to shut up. I respect every man, no matter how small or big I am. Do you know what I do outside, I settle disputes, problems.

Pere, I am telling you all these because I feel disrespected by you, when I try to talk to you is tell me abeg abeg abeg, I will NEVER do it to you, I promise you on that. I won’t do it to you. I won’t try to shush you when you trying to talk. I am big on respect, I am from a cultural background. I tried to align with you, bro, but you never align with me.

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