European Super League falls Apart As Major Clubs Backs off from their Initial Decision

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It came as a big shock on 19th April as many european clubs accepted bid to join the European Super League and this was not agreed or accepted by the fans of various clubs.

Since the European super league break through was announced, which brought a major uprising moment of disatisfaction among players, coaches, and many more.

Man utd, Chelsea, Arsenal, Man city, Liverpool and Totthenham have all cancelled their acceptance of the new competition after moments of disatisfaction among their fans.

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Atletico Madrid, Barcelona ,Ac milan and inter milan are another club to cancel their decision of joining the European super league. Barca Fans were seen protesting and making chants saying football is not a business and belongs to the fans.

With major clubs already pulling out from their most recent agreement for joining the new competition, it is now a big win for the UEFA governing bodies, which came as no surprise after they were the first to reject and also go against such new competition introduction, which poses as a threat to football.

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