“Finally the Food is Over” – Nigerian Reaction as Fani Kayode Shouts to Ahmed Gumi

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Former aviation minister Femi Fani Kayode has been criticized by some social media users for alleging that he supported the thieves of the controversial Islamic cleric Ahmed Gumi.

A recent post about his human rights lawyer was posted on his Facebook page, where Gumi was accused of kicking calls from Nigerians urging President Muhammad Buhari to declare the thief a terrorist, with a viper and sheep’s clothing, portrayed as a bitter wolf.

“Sheik Ahmad Gumi, the Rasputin of Arewa, whose father once said a Christian must not rule Nigeria & who himself said the FG must not declare the killer bandits as terrorists is worse than Abubakar Shekau & Al Barnawi.

“He is a venomous snake & a wolf in sheep’s clothing”, Fani-Kayode posted.

However, the report sparked backlash from Nigerians who swept the comments section to criticize the former minister for summoning former Gumi and American ministers to support President Buhari’s government.

Some commentators, who feel he is beginning to oppose the progressive parliament, the APC and the government, lamented his precarious nature and emphasized that he no longer benefits in this area.

FFK has dined with some of the party’s stakeholders, continuing to brag about lunch and dinner on social media since their recent move to APC.

Below are some of the reactions…

SomtoChukwu: “Food don finish for house, you wan come hustle for another food. FFK zukwanu Ike! You are building bridges with terrorist in government while he is building bridges with the terrorists in forest. Two of una na spokesperson serving the same cause”.

Augustus Chinedu: “I won’t be surprised to see you in Gumi’s dinning table eating ewedu and semo in the nearest future.
Continue Oga short fuse”.

Eferebo Ibietela: “Oga, you said worst things about PMB, we no longer take you seriously because this is your trade. Don’t drag our emotions into your trade, please”.

Benny Adindu: “This one you are calling out Sheik Gunmi, do you still want him to include you in his own bridge building? Oga build your own, let him build his own.

“While you build with terrorists in government, he is building with terrorists in the forest. What we all can agree on is that one day, both bridges will definitely collapse”.

Dos Santos: “That’s how you once said about Buhari but after Yahaha Bello & Zamfara Governor, Matawalle offered you food, you became the defender of Buhari. And betrayed your brothers, Sunday Igboho & Nnamdi Kanu.

“If Sheik Gumi calls you for food, you will become his praise singer. The reason you posted this is for Sheik Gumi to recognize you and invite you for food”.

Jac Adonis: “We don’t trust you anymore. Tomorrow you will go to his house or he will come to your house. You will call brother and dine with him. Yes know that he’s backing bandits and terrorists.

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