Guys Take Note, It’s Not All About Money

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Something I’m used to happened today.

A guy that I had politely refused last year came to me this morning. He immediately told me he has a job now. Told me the full name of the company and everything else. Then he started asking me aggressively about where I have reached in life and all that.

I chatted normally with him, I told him I was happy for him. Later, he asked if he could call me at a certain time.

When I told him he could, he started saying that it was not so before, that before, my anthem was that he cannot reach me for various excuses.

I laughed, because, I now understood the whole issue. He believed it was because of money that I didn’t allow him access to me anyhow.

I just told him that he shouldn’t worry because my phone was bad. He continued to reply in a sour tone.

The funny thing is that I have no business with his money, because I am sure that none will land in my palm…so why would i be tripping because he got a job?

Another guy I rejected politely acted normal at the time. But after years he came back, asking me with full spite about my marital status and my job. Lol.

He told me how he has a company now. I knew that was true because I had seen evidence of it growing and info about it in public over the years.

He insisted that we should be dating now. But it couldn’t happen because i knew he was just bitter and thought that i should fall now because he has made it.

Guys, its not all about the money. Some women don’t use your money to survive.

Some have parents and don’t really care to be bound in chains because of indomie and egg, credit, or sharwama. There are more serious issues.

E.g the relationship should be going somewhere. Sometimes its tribal or religious, maybe she knows her parents won’t accept you.

Why would a woman smell what she won’t eat, just because of your feelings?

Guys, Take A chill pill.

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