Have You Ever Met Someone Who Could Eat So Much At A Sitting?

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Ok while schooling at unilorin in those years, we have this buka that students normally go to eat.

There’s this guy who comes to eat in one of those bukas, he eats ones a day and at a sitting the guy will finish 18 raps of fufu no cap, I mean the woman at the canteen who serves him already knows him, he eats 18 raps like that every blessed day till we graduated.

Another happened at my grandpa’s funeral, one of cousins brought a neighbor of hers, the little girl was about 5 years old but man this girl ate a very big mosel of pounded yam and she said she wanted more, out of curiosity she was given another huge mosel with egusi soup she finished that one again, haba she still wanted more, I said no more cos her belle was about to bust.

One of my own very good friend again that one na die, I went to his house, that night the wheat was served my friend was served too I said how many people wanna eat this he said only him, blood of habakkuk what you wanna eat is about 3 people’s own na, this guy can fry 10eggs with 300naira bread at a go, he literally eats every 30mins, one bag of rice, semo, wheat within a week fiam ma guy foodstuff don vanish.


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