Hopsin To Camp in Amsterdam for 6 Months, Could Move Full Time.

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American Rapper, Hopsin has pitched tent in Amsterdam hinting on living there full time.

The prolific rapper who has many awesome collaborations under his belt shared a photo on his social media, announcing that fans shouldn’t hesitate to holla at him if they spotted him anywhere in the City as he wasn’t on any Hollywood sh*t.

Hopsin also reiterated that he’d be elated if anyone would invite him for any cool adventures.

He wrote:

I’ll be living in Amsterdam for the next 6 months. If anyone wants to show me any good skate spots, introduce me to some dope singers or invite me to some cool adventures, I’m all for it!

I came out here so and I’m testing the waters to see if it’s a place I could live full time. If you see me walking around don’t hesitate to come up and say wassup!

I ain’t on no Hollywood sh*t, it’s all love… As long as you treat me like a human being.

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