“I Am Done And This Is It”, Okon Lagos Shows Off His New House.

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It’s a season of congratulations all around and they are definitely flying around. Obviously, popular Nollywood actor and comedian Bishop Imeh better known as Okon Lagos is been congratulated as well.

The 40 years old Imeh has taken to Instagram to show off his beautiful new mansion, which he built from scratch in his home town.

Bishop posted.

Guys, sometime ago I thought it good to build me a small house, but big enough for a little more than two. Mrs Imeh and I, I am done and this is it.

Showing pictures of the exterior and interior of the home located in his hometown Uyo in Akwa Ibom state. Okon Lagos encouraged his followers to work hard and not be pressured by social media.

He said:

Life is a marathon and not a Sprint, be careful how you speed towards achieving success.

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