“I Didn’t Realise Kissing The New Guy Would Make Sammie This Mad” Angel Reveals..

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After the Sunday live eviction the housemates decided to play a truth or dare game and Angel was dared to kiss any guy she chooses. Angel then picked one of the new housemates, Kayvee and kissed him for 30 seconds.

This however didn’t go down well with Sammie who later picked up a fight with Angel over her decision to kiss Kayvee. Recall that Sammie and Angel shared a close bond in their first week in the Big Brother house.

Meanwhile, Angel in a conversation with Arin revealed that she chose to kiss Kayvee during the truth or dare game because he was new and she thought that kissing the old guys would have gotten Sammie jealous, but she didn’t know that this would even annoy him the more.

She insisted that she didn’t want to put Sammie in an uncomfortable situation and that’s why she chose the new guy but sadly Sammie thought she did that to spite him.

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