I don’t allow celebrities to control my privacy – Kate Henshaw

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Actress and social advocate, Kate Henshaw, tells MOBOLA SADIQ about her life in the public sphere for over 25 years, her childhood dreams of being a governor and other issues.

How would you describe your achievements over the years in the entertainment industry?

My achievements in the entertainment industry have been very fulfilling and rewarding. I am happy to be a part of this growing industry.

What are some of your most memorable achievements as a public figure?

My most memorable achievements is being able to lend my voice and person to causes I am passionate about, concerning the girl child, women, nation-building and healthy lifestyle.

Your photos flooded social media on your 50th birthday and many commented on your good looks and fitness, how does that make you feel?

It makes me feel very happy. For years I have been showing people that fitness is the key to a healthy lifestyle and that there are no shortcuts. Looking after oneself enables you to thrive in every area of life. I am most grateful for life and good health, a loving and supportive family, good friends and colleagues.

Over the years, how have you coped with stardom or being in the limelight?

I have come to accept it as a part of my life but I try not to let stardom or being in the limelight take over my privacy. It is very important to find a balance.

What are some of the sacrifices that you made for your career and life in general?

Not much of sacrifice, life is about choices so I will say choices that will lead me to be better and grow more while learning.

Do you have any regrets?

No regrets at all, none whatsoever. Some people pray to be who and where I am so I live with no regrets.

What would you tell your younger self to do differently?

Nothing really because when I was younger, I was not afraid to try different things. I was not afraid to be curious. I was not afraid to learn from people. I was not afraid to speak my mind.

Would you say that stardom has been kind to you?

Stardom has been very kind to me. My personal experience has been delightful. People sometimes go out of their way to do things for me just because of who I am and what I mean to them.

What are some of the things that you enjoy being a public figure?

Things I enjoy as a public figure are too numerous to mention but that people recognise me and appreciate my craft and contribution is priceless. Life has been very fulfilling.

Are you retiring from the movie industry anytime soon?

No, Iam not retiring anytime soon.

Do you still have any political aspirations for the coming years?

If the opportunity presents itself or I am called upon to serve, I will.

What were some of your achievements as the Special Adviser, Lagos Liaison, under the Cross River State Governor, Ben Ayade?

My achievements as Special Adviser was firstly renovations of the Liaison office. I personally sponsored the laying of interlocking stones in the compound which used to be flooded, Soakaway chambers were redone, cleared the drainage and I was accountable for the little funds we were allocated. I left a healthy balance in the account of the office.

You have been known to speak out on societal ills, do you think that celebrities and social media influencers are doing enough to lend their voices towards the plight of Nigerians?

A lot more needs to be done and those of us who normally speak out will not rest on our oars but will continue in our advocacy.

What were your dreams while growing up?

My dreams were to become a medical doctor, an air hostess and a governor.

How have you been maintaining your physique aside from exercise?

I eat healthily, I rest when I need to, I travel and take care of my mental health by imbibing positivity.

Can you tell us a bit about your beauty routine?

My beauty routine is quite simple. Whenever I am not filming or attending events, I keep my skin totally free from make up. I never go to bed with make-up no matter how tired I am. I have a facial once a month and I make sure my meals are balanced.

Do you deliberately keep your private life out of the public eye?

Yes, I do that deliberately. My private life is totally private and it is not meant for public consumption.

What’s your advice to youths who fashion their lives after celebrities and social media influencers?

It is not really a bad thing to have role models who inspire you, who you want to model your life after but these people are living their lives but who are you as a person? What are your goals? What can you contribute in your own little way to the larger society?

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