“I Helped Him Shop for His Wedding to Someone Else” Twitter User Wails.

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A twitter user named Abeni has taken to social media to tell her friends tale of work about how her friend helped her boyfriend shop for his wedding to another woman.

She couldn’t understand how the boyfriend pulled it off because they spent every day together.

And her boyfriend’s clothes and toothbrush and toiletries are all in her house. He visited her everyday and did everything in her house, she didn’t know that he will be next to her while he’ll be picking out clothes for his asoebi.

She said.

“We went shopping last week and I helped him pick out a shoe, I think it was his wedding shoe”,

Readers were in shock and some of them referred to him as a a Yoruba demon.

“Werey serve woman breakfast in bed, waka go serve another one engagement ring”.

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