I Just Bought, 12.5kg Gas For N9,250 and This Is Happening

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I am very, very angry, Gas I used to buy 2800, then 3k, 4k, and 5k.

Suddenly it jumped to 7500 and now (today) 9250 in Port Harcourt. I am very very angry.

Let no one here disturb me with nonsense news about Buhari and his nonsense South Africa Trade fair and nonsense. No cross me today o. I fit beat person

The gas finished yesterday. I told my wife that yesterday that I will buy the gas today because I needed to get to work and somehow raise money to augment what I have to be able to buy the gas.

I told her to use the kerosene stove that yesterday and this morning. Guess her reply? She said she can’t use kerosene even for a day.

That even her Mum in the village does not use kerosene stove. She said a few other unprintable things.

For the sake of my 3 children I still had to buy the gas today.

I had not eaten in my house for a month now. The reason is that she said that the money I gave her for upkeep in October was not enough (I give her 62.5% of my monthly salary every month for our home upkeep).

As a result she refused to give me food from around the middle of the month when she said the money had finished.

She cooked for herself and the children (possibly from her own salary). When I gave her upkeep money for this month I told her not bother keeping food for me so that the money will go far enough. That’s where we are till now.

I have no intention of ever eating her food until she acknowledges that she was wrong and apologizes.

Now I know this WON’T happen. She will rather die than admit she’s wrong or apologize.

This is why I know that the mistake of a marriage is heading for the rocks and I am ready for it. Nonsense and ingredients.

I have endured this nonsense for 15 years. I am done. Anything whe won happen tomorrow, make e happen today.

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