I Need a Divorce: Laura Ikeji Says As Hubby Reacts to Her Recently Purchased Chin in Hilarious Video

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Fashion blogger Laura Ikeji has shared a video showing what her husband said about her recently-acquired chin.

The mother of two was heard laughing as her husband said her chin didn’t look any different to him.

As expected, Nigerians took to her comment section to share their opinions and some laughed at Kanu’s response to his wife.

Businesswoman Laura Ikeji didn’t seem to get the response she wanted from her husband Ogbonna Kanu over her recently-acquired chin.

The mother of two shared a video showing the moment she asked her man what he thought about her chin.

Kanu was heard saying he doesn’t see any difference as it looks the same. He, however, noted that he doesn’t think that the chin is working.

While Kanu spoke, Laura was heard laughing. She then told her man to respect himself.

In the caption that accompanied the post, the businesswoman described her husband as a hater while demanding a divorce.

here is the video

Get a praying husband like mine

Laura Ikeji shared a heartwarming video showing the moment her husband Kanu Ogbonna was praying for her.

It seemed the couple had just woken up in the morning as Ogbonna was still spotted on their matrimonial bed.

In the video, as Ogbonna prayed, he was heard describing his wife Laura as a loving woman.

The former footballer then asked God to make everything his wife touches become gold. Sharing the video on her Instagram story, the mother of two urged single women to get themselves a husband who prays like hers.

According to Laura, her husband prays better than her.

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