If You Haven’t Found Your Purpose, Don’t Pick A Wife – Reno Omokri Speaks

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Reno Omokri has advised men not to pick a wife if they haven’t found their purpose in life or found success. He gave this advice on his social media handle.

According to him, a man is likely to run into trouble if he finds a wife before finding his purpose. His post reads

”Dear men,

If you have not found your purpose or success, don’t find a wife, because you won’t be able to fund her. If you find a wife before finding your purpose and success, most likely, you have found trouble. When you find purpose and success, the right woman will find you. God only brought Eve to Adam when Adam found his purpose (caring for the Garden of Eden). You do not need a wife simply because you have sensual urges. You need a wife when you have a life that is successful enough to accommodate other people”

If you have not found your purpose or success, don?t find a wife - Reno Omokri tells men

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