I’m fed up with the society Shola Subair cries out

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Sexy and suave Nollywood actress, Shola Subair who is currently ruffling feathers in the Yoruba movie terrain with her sexually explicit movie “69” where she was involved in a series of scintillating sensual scenes with A-list actor Ibrahim Chatta has declared that she is disenchanted with the society, particularly the acting community.

She said, “Everybody is a user, ingrates and more. I am fed up. This society is something else. Don’t let me say more. People now pay evil with good, no matter how good you are, they won’t reciprocate. And they will even act like it’s normal to betray you. No remorse. Nothing,” she told Potpourri in a WhatsApp chat.

When asked if she was referring to the movie industry, she charged with more venom in her reaction.

The Industry is worse. It is a war there, big war. The Industry is worse than the general world because the industry world is different entirely

When she was reminded that the industry must have played a pivotal role in the success of her film “69”, she denied it.

“It is only God that made it go viral and the fact that the content is quite different from the regular Yoruba movies. No support whatsoever from colleagues. Most of them are dream killers, they don’t want to see you grow. Your growth is like a threat to them,” she declared.

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