Investors Drag the CEO Chinmark Marksman And Amanda Chisom over Collapse Ponzi Schemes

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Following the recent development over a popular crash ponzi schemes, Amanda Chisom have release a statement concerning the company and the investors that was lured into it because of her influencer power.

Official Statement in response to trending issues concerning Chinmark Group LimitedIn the last couple of months, I have been a subject of social media trial based on the recent unfortunate developments with Chinmark Group Limited.

I carefully chose to wait until this time to state my position with respect to all that has happened and is still happening. First of all, let me acknowledge my part in being one of those who brought Mr.

Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah and his company to limelight, even before the company became registered as Chinmark Group Limited.

For someone I have known from the days of his humble beginnings, I felt like I know him to an extent. On the strength of this, I genuinely believed in the company’s ability to fulfil it’s obligation to investors because I was convinced that the company was being run by someone I thought I knew to an extent, and freely without any selfishness promoted and invested. I’m shocked and disappointed at the recent turn of events.

I sincerely bear no grudge against some of the people who have made several posts, backlashing my person as a result of these developments. I apologize to everyone who may have felt misled to invest in the company as a result of the promotions made on my page and I wish to assure you that all I did was with good intentions and I would never conspired with anyone to defraud any of you.There are a number of things that happened behind the scenes which I will not necessarily bring to the fore except when it becomes necessary.

I did my best both professionally and as an individual, to ensure that what is happening now would never have happened, by providing the right advice to the company at all times when I had the opportunity.

In the build up to this time, on the 13th of January 2022, I was instructed by the company via an email, to refrain from saying anything about the company on my page and that closes all channels of communication. All effort to find out what was happening was completely blocked. I received several warnings and threats from some individuals and investors who felt that my Facebook post on “due diligence” affected the fortunes of the company.

The threats are so far reaching, that some of these persons have clearly threatened to assassinate me, should anything happen to the company. I have informed the relevant authorities of the extent of my involvement with the company and pledged my co-operation in any investigation that may arise.

While I acknowledge my role in this and do so very regrettably, My focus has now shifted to a way out of this current state of affairs, and how to ensure that people who invested their hard-earned money, get back their money in the end. Let me clarify that as against what has been peddled on social media in the last few weeks, I am not and have never been a founder of the company, and I have never shared profit with them. My engagements never went beyond being the company’s ambassador. The Corporate Affairs Commission is a public registry.

Anybody who feels otherwise is free to approach the commission in search of the truth. I am confident that I will be vindicated in the end. Just like most of you, I waited for the 19th of March 2022 with faith and hope, believing that this whole episode will be settled once everyone receives their money as promised by the company. Unfortunately, we are still stuck in the same place as at today.

I am an also an investor with the company and feel the pain of the situation like everyone else. Those who are comfortable with the new appeal by the company to wait for another eight (? months are free to do so, while those who can no longer wait are free to seek legal advice on the necessary legal steps to take to recover their money.

I humbly appeal for a galvanization of efforts to get the company to pay back investors their money. While I am already consulting with my lawyers on the right way to go, your suggestions are also most welcome as I will remain available to assist in any way possible to help everyone recover their money. Let’s all remain optimistic that we shall emerge victorious in the end. Thank you.


Amanda Chisom

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