Is “Outside” Burna Boy’s Best Album?

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Burna Boy’s last three albums are all masterpieces, there’s no denying.

But while some people would say his Grammy-winning LP, “Twice As Tall” is the best project he has created, it is difficult to overlook “African Giant,” an album without which Burna might not even have known a Grammy was a possibility.

On top of that, “African Giant” is one of the most commercially successful albums out of Africa. Second only to Wizkid‘s “Made in Lagos.” Now that’s some record. It’s very easy to place “African Giant” beside “Twice As Tall” and try to determine which one is Burna Boy‘s best. In fact, AG (“African Giant”) even has a Grammy nod, too.

But what if it’s neither AG nor the Grammy-winning TAT? What if Burna Boy‘s best already came before then? What if it’s “Outside”?

First of all, “Outside” is a masterpiece in its own right, and I don’t need to sell it to anybody. We’re talking of an album that housed one of the most iconic afro records of all time, “Ye.”

Not just that. The album has Burna Boy in his rarest form, a conscious headspace that came naturally to him. The album, which has been a cult favorite for years now, is just now starting to gain the recognition it deserves. Some people are now saying “Outside” might be Burna Boy‘s best album, so far.

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