Is Yorubaland The Most Peaceful Region In Nigeria Now?

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It started in the NE as Boko Haram, now it’s in NW as bandits, now it’s starting in SE as Unknown Gunmen.

All these have cumulatively led to the death of thousands of soldiers.

Now I’ve been wondering which country survives a war against itself.

With three regions at war with Nigeria, common sense should tell you that the country is in trouble unless something is done and fast.

Is it the SS and NC that won’t agitate?

As far as I know, even Niger is now mostly under BH cum Bandits so what’s left of NC?

With the killings in Benue and Plateau, who knows how long before the people there would say enough is enough?

That brings us to the subject of the SW or YorubaLand which is suddenly calm after Sunday Igboho question was settled.

I have no doubt that the SW will become the most peaceful region since as far as we know, it is the only region that is ready to succumb and hand over their ancestral land to Fulani without a fight.

So, it is actually going to become the most peaceful region.

Why don’t other regions embrace peace like our SW brethren. After all, Fulani are only interested in land – forest land they’ve already occupied in YorubaLand.

If this peaceful tribe can condone the capture of their territory, why can’t all other tribes?

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