“Is Your Son No Longer Watching The Show?” Fans Tease Jackie B

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The shine ya eye Housemates had their Saturday night party last night and it was lit as usual. After the party where most of the housemates got drunk.

Jackie B was seen ogling Pere the head of house. They had some erotic and romantic moments together with Pere carrying Jackie B and kissing her. Fans were taken aback by Jackie B’s actions.

The reason was because earlier in the show, she disclosed that she has a son, and her son is best friend. She also said that she must behave herself on the show because the son might be watching her and she didn’t want to disappoint him.

However viewers seeing her with Pere Left them wondering whether she no longer knew that her son was watching the show. “maybe that one no be bad behavior” one fan reacted to her actions. Another said it’s possible that she’d forgotten that her son was watching also.

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