Justice Court reality show relaunches; set to help people settle civil cases

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The producers of the Justice Court, a reality TV show that has been airing on national television channels for two years, has promised to do more to ensure Nigerians get justice and speedily, as a way of helping the conventional courts in their duty of discharging justice. This was made known recently in Lagos, as the producers of the reality television show relaunched the programme.

Speaking to reporters on the need for a relaunch of the reality show, the executive producer of the show, Victor Aluko, said it was important to relaunch the programme, so that the public can have a real understanding of what the Justice Court does.

“The Justice Court is an alternative dispute resolution court, whose major intention is to settle little civil cases and other cases, thereby reducing the workload of the conventional court rooms. Since the reality show started some years back, the acceptance level from people around the globe has been massive.” Victor informed.

On if complaints on the show are real and how they deliver justice, the Judge on the show, Justice Funmi Asaolu, had this to say: ‘The complaints are real and not doctored or fiction and there are standard procedures for reporting cases to us. If the procedures are adhered to, then a case will be heard in our courtroom. In some cases, when we get complaints, we try to see if we can settle such cases outside the court, and we have been successful in that aspect too. Our judgments are binding on everyone involved in a case; before we start a case, we make sure parties involved sign a party that whatever judgment they get is binding on them.”

Produced by Avonix Nigeria Limited and shot at the ultra-modern Hotsports Studios in Lagos, The Justice Court is patterned after the popular daytime Emmy award winning arbitration-based court series, Judge Judy, produced by CBS Television. It is basically an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) model aimed at delivering fair and speedy judgment in a courtroom setting.

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