Kizz Daniel — Barnabas

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Albums have never caused Kizz Daniel any stress, as far as we can see.

The “Lie” singer has dropped three solid albums in the course of his 7-year-career that kicked off when he released hits like “Woju” and “Laye” ahead of his “New Era” debut.

His last two albums have been solid, with “No Bad Songz”—his magnum opus—receiving praise from critics upon its release in 2018. His consistency has also kept him relevant, and Kizz Daniel hits haven’t been scarce at all. He’s been doing his best, frankly.

But there’s only so much you can get out of dropping singles, videos, and reviving old hits. He needed a project badly. He could opt for a new album, but then that might just be too much oversaturation and it could ultimately burn him out.

What I’m saying is, it makes sense he would opt for a safer option that still gives him the chance to express himself—a chance he won’t get trying to constantly make a hit every time he drops something, by the way.

Kizz Daniel‘s fourth project, and first extended play, dubbed “Barnabas”—a newfound nickname, I’m guessing—is a 7-track collection of love songs and mushy tunes with electric vibes that will make you feel alive for days.

That’s kind of Kizz Daniel‘s superpower. If this were a sci-fi movie, he’d be ‘Captain Love Songs.’

He does so many songs about women, but he’s so stylish and tacit that you can’t complain. Yeah, he’s good like that. His whole album could be a letter to a woman, for all anyone cares.

Barnabas” is supposed to be something different, though, I suppose. Take the title track three, “Barnabas” for instance, on the song Kizz Daniel channels his inner 9ice, saying some prayers, and dropping some seemingly wise words. That’s the farthest Kizz can go from his lovey-dovey ‘roots.’

On other songs like “Lie” and “Pour Me Water,” he was simply just Captain Love Songs, dropping crafty ‘Yoruba demon’ lines to get his way into a woman’s heart. He’s a sucker for love, obviously.

The collaborations are not indispensable at all. “Oshe” with The Cavemen might be some good highlife, but it is not something “Barnabas” EP can’t do without.

A little trimming here and there, and “Barnabas” could’ve been one of the best EP’s of this era. Still, without that trimming, it is still one of the better releases of 2021 already. It should also get better with time.

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