Maria Angry at Liquorose For Not Saving Her With Veto Power

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Former head of house Maria, has expressed her displeasure over the present head of house’s inability to use her veto power of save and replace to save her fr facing nomination and possible eviction.

The current head of house Liquorose and Maria have become very close in the house over the past weeks, and the consider themselves good friends.

That being the case, it is only expected that Liquorose would have saved Maria, but she couldn’t do so because Maria is being punished by big brother for microphone infringement offences.

Earlier today, Maria expressed her hurt about the entire situation. Fans and fellow housemates know that Maria is very angry about being nominated for possible eviction and has been throwing tantrums all week.

Fans will also recall that on Sunday, she instructed Pere to take off his microphone and she also removed hers.

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