Mermaids: Do These Mythical Creatures Really Exist?

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Since prehistoric times, man has battled with the idea of paranormal existence.

To a certain point, the Greek worshipped a number of gods, each representing a certain basically misunderstood natural concept.

And not just them, almost all the cultures that developed then, had it’s own “Mythology”, stories which explain existence, explanations about how certain natural phenomenon operated and all.

Mermaids have always occupied an integral part of the general mythology of most Religions.

At times when people made claims to have seen them and coupled with the potential mystery masking their identities, they grew more popular seeping into most cultures and changing in alleged looks and Identities along the way.

At first, mermaids were believed to be half bird and half Human. But as time went on, the narrative changed claiming them to be half fish half human.

To this day, there are still strong beliefs that mermaids live with humans in the society.

Do you believe in their existence?

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