Missing Instagram Comedian, Cute Abiola Found In Nigerian Navy Cell

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A popular instagram comedian, Cute Abiola who was declared missing some hours ago is currently being locked up in the Nigerian navy cell for an offense that is not known to the public.

He was last seen by his family members two days ago when he left for his office at navy town. According to his management, he called his wife that he had gotten to office on that fateful morning and that was the last time they heard from him.

attempts to reach him later have proved abortive.His wife visited his office this morning and was denied entrance only to be scooped by inside sources that Cute Abiola has been locked up in the cell since he got to office.

“His wife and other associates have made several attempts to contact him but to no avail. Since he last communicated with his wife and associates that he already got to the office, he has not returned to his family and no one has heard from him till this moment,” the statement said.

While his whereabouts remain unclear, reports said he had been locked up in a cell without the naval authorities making his detention public.

“It was subsequently gathered from a reliable source that he has been locked up in the Nigerian Navy cell since he got to the office yesterday morning till the time of posting this information without being fed, and no date has been stated for his release from custody,” the statement disclosed.

“This unfortunate situation has rendered his wife emotionally tortured and traumatized as The Cute Abiola is an Ulcer patient. Hence, not feeding an Ulcer patient as punishment for an undisclosed offence is something to be worried about with a view to avoiding unnecessary circumstance with regards to the health of The Cute Abiola.

Read full statement belowhttps://www.instagram.com/p/CWWc7zSoKpL/…

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