MUSIC LOVERS!! What Is Your Own Personal “Song Of The Year”?

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The year 2022 is upon us already and anything that comes out after now is either too late to be taken seriously.

Musically, though, we can’t say it’s not been a good year. Yeah, a little quieter than what we had in 2020. But then, there ain’t no lockdown to make people pay attention or work the extra miles anyway. So it’s just normal business in the industry this year. Some old dawgs, a new crop of talented artists, and a few specials. Just like it’s always been.

One thing is sure, however, it’ll be hard to name one song and pin it as the overall Song of the Year. Yeah, the Awards will do their thing, that don’t mean what they’ll nominate will even be the most deserving or anything of that sort.

In the past couple of days, I’ve been on “Song of the Year” more than a couple of times, and I’ve buttered up some songs for the title, also I’ve questioned some’s hype. But there’s just one easy way to find out what is what, right? Let everyone say which song they think should be the Song of the Year. Maybe that way we can determine which one is actually right. It’s a democracy, after all.

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