My Girlfriend Gives Me Money & Foodstuff From Her Mum’s Shop For Free

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Some people may say I’m lucky and would want to be in my position, but i really need your advice.

My girlfriend mum has a very big provision shop, and u all know how it feels (that joy) to have such a person daughter as your girlfriend.

She loves me so much that she can give me money, food stuff, all for free from their shop. in fact, i don’t even spend a kobo to buy anything again.

All i do is just go to their shop, & collect whatever i want.

If i meet her mum when I want to buy something, I’ll pay her.

But if i give her N500, she will give me a change of even N2000, and ask me to go.

… And i don’t argue with her so that her mum won’t notice. I will just collect the money and go.

If I call her on the phone that I’m hungry, only God can tell the things she will bring for me within just 20 minutes of calling her.

She’s spending so much on me, and I think I need advice.

I thought i was a lucky man b4, but the thing is too much 4 me.

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