My Husband Is A 10-Seconds Man, Hates Mouth-Action, Now I’m Thinking Of Doing This

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Dear readers,

I’m making this post because I don’t want to be judged and I can’t turn my on people in my real life because they may not understand.

Well I’ve been married for 2 plus years, I’m 27 with a son. I’m going to get personal, so embrace yourself.

My husband and I have a good relationship, almost too good because I literally see him like my brother.

This is to the point where our romantic/lover side of our relationship is kinda dead. I see him naked, it’s like looking at my brother naked.

I don’t feel turned on, or excited. We talk and gist like friends, but romantically things are flat.

Our sex life is mediocre I guess. He doesn’t do oralll sexxx and he ejaculates very fast.

I’m talking 10 seconds, and it’s every single time despite taking different preventative measures.

I know that I’m extremely clean as I’m very observant of myself and he also tells me all the time.

Yet orall sexxx is disgusting to him and “dehumanising”. There’s no passion when we kiss, its forced most times.

3Lately I’ve been finding myself fantasising about being touched by a man, almost every night.

A man that will give me orall sexx a man that will turn me on and blow me away.

I don’t want to be judged here, but this is genuinely how I’ve been feeling. I don’t want to put pressure on my husband as he has other things to worry about.

A man that will kiss me in all the right places and make me feel like a woman.

Sometimes I believe I’m being delusional, or unrealistic. I’m trying to get rid of these thoughts, but I really don’t know how.

I have never cheated on my husband and I don’t think I have the guts to do it.

I really just want to know how married people cope when that spark is gone.

When you begin to look at your spouse like a brother or sister, and romantically, the vibes are not there.

Let me also say that I’ve addressed this to him many times, but he stands he’s not willing to compromise.

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