Nigeria Tilting Towards Repression – Falana

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Femi Falana, has expressed that Nigeria and some other African countries were currently tilting towards repression and criminalisation of the freedom of speech.

He stated that till date, coup Generals and beneficiaries continue to recycle themselves in power.

He added that even though they claim to be civilian presidents, Nigeria is still being ruled as if under a military dictatorship.

Falana stated this as a guest speaker at the fifth edition of the West Africa Media Excellence Conference and Awards, organised by the Media Foundation for West Africa, on Friday in Accra Ghana.

He explained that society must fight to protect press freedom, expand its boundaries, ensure the well-being of the mass media and protect journalists.

Falana added:

“In the last 22 years of post-military rule, former military rulers, Olusegun Obasanjo and Muhammadu Buhari, have been presidents for 14 years, during which they have continued the military culture of oppression. Even though they claim to be civilian presidents, that country is ruled as if we are under a military dictatorship.”

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