Nigerian Who has Won over N92 Million in Scholarships Speaks Up.

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A Nigerian man identified as Macaulay Babjide Milton has recently come out to state clearly how much he has won in scholarships over a range of 17 years and it’s pretty surprisingly outrageous.

In a Facebook post made on the 4th of July 2021, he explained how he had won over N92 Million in different scholarships within a few years stating his source of wealth as knowledge.

He wrote:

From 2004 to 2021, I have won the following scholarships:

  1. Iju Scholarship Initiative (2004; worth N20,000).
  2. Total/EPNL Nigerian Tertiary Institutions Scholarship (2006-2010; worth N150,000 per year = N600,000).
  3. Christ The Redeemer’s (a Unit under RCCG) Undergraduate Bursary (2008-2009; worth N20,000 per year = N40,000).
  4. Federal Government of Nigeria Undergraduate Scholarship (2009/2010; N150,000).
  5. London Metropolitan University (LMU) Postgraduate Scholarship (2012; worth £15,000, i.e. N9,000,000).
  6. Commonwealth Shared Scholarship (2012; worth about £30,000, i.e. about N18,000,000). PS: Accepted this scholarship in 2012 instead of LMU’s.
  7. Commonwealth PhD Scholarship (2015; worth about £100,000, i.e. about N60,000,000).
  8. Nigerian University of Technology and Management (NUTM) Scholarship Programme (2021; worth about $7,000, i.e. about N3,500,000).
    Total worth: N91,310,000”

He is a renowned scholar with loads of academic degrees and qualifications tied to his name.

“Approximately N92 Million in scholarship benefits won in the last 17 years of my life in order to acquire knowledge, skills and competence both home and abroad.
Today, I teach knowledge for a living and continue to look for opportunities to upgrade my knowledge/skills in order to remain relevant in this ever changing world. So there is no stopping with me because knowledge is the source of my wealth.” He concluded.

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