Nigerians Attack Laura Ikeji Afer Posting Viral Video

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Nigerian fashion and hair entrepreneur, Laura Ikeji has undergone surgery to fix her nose and get it pointed.

Laura Ikeji expressed excitement after finally having what she claims has been a dream to have a pointed nose someday and she took to her Instagram story to share some footage that captures the moment she was undergoing the surgery on her nose performed by one Dr. Bea.

Watch the video below;

He captioned the video announcing new pointed nose and it reads;

Finally… I present to u, Laura with the pointed nose. A dream come true. This time I threaded my nose for a more permanent result. Thanks @iamdrbea I won’t ever take this privilege for granted. 

Some Instagram users marveled at the changes but others claimed it was needless for her to share the surgery process as it looked disturbing


This life just have money


She doesn’t like her nose hence she’s fixing it. It’s ok if she can, my major concern is will the new shape of her nose “fit” her, if at the end it fits her perfectly oh wow, it’s lovely.


We did not have to see this footage.


She sef get dark come we don’t see it…


Don’t blame her o. Nobody nose tomorrow…..


Hmmm she did an internal rhinoplasty I hope she develops no complications in the future


Shebi nah the same thing Michael Jackson do ?


Atleast we know she worked the nose not the ones that will say it’s God 😂😂😂 Lori Iro geng

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