Nigerians offer different views on what Unconditional Love Means

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Love is a strange and beautiful thing but is love unconditional? If it is, what is unconditional love? Well, many will find it difficult to answer. There are many facets to it. Unconditional Love is a very powerful feeling.

This topic is currently trending on TwitterNG with over 1,000 tweets and still counting.

According to @aproko_doctor “For love to be truly unconditional, it should be made up of these three things: Acceptance, Understanding, Appreciation. Remove any one of the three and it’s no longer unconditional. The only thing that’s closest to unconditional love is a mother’s love.”

What started as a casual conversation on twitter became a long debate, further with a twitter poll put up by @UnclePamilerin with 79% voting Mother’s love as Unconditional love, 9% Football love, 10% love for food and 2 % voted relationship love.

Many people voted Mother’s Love. Mother’s share a lifelong bond with their children from birth. A mother and child form an attachment that affects the way they relate to others throughout their lifetime. A healthy attachment, fueled by love, affection and mutual respect. A mother is usually the one that bonds a family closer together, the pillar of family love and support.

Many times, you hear this phrase of Unconditional Love. Have you ever experienced it? What is your take?

Will it be Mother’s Love, Love for Food, Love for Football or Relationship Love?

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