Rapper, Dax Celebrates 500 Million Views on YouTube.

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Canadian-Nigerian rapper, Daniel Nwosu more popular as Dax has come out to celebrate as he recently hit 500 Million Views on YouTube.

The rapper who recently dropped a dip track, “CHILD OF GOD” stood out with sole balloon symbols which read, 500.

He wrote:


That’s half a BILLION! INSANE!

Thank you! Shoutout to everyone who’s subscribed and has ever watched a video of mine. What we’ve done INDEPENDENTLY in 4 Years and 11 months is LEGENDARY. The PEOPLE are SPEAKING.

Meaningful content is wanted by the world during these scary times. It’s just not what’s MARKETED. What we’ve done ORGANICALLY and INDEPENDENTLY proves that. No radio, playlists, co-signs or whatever others bells an whistles there are.

I take pride in being an ARTIST FOR THE PEOPLE and when these numerical milestones are celebrated it comes from a person who understands and shows appreciation EVERY SINGLE DAY to the PEOPLE who helped create those numbers.

It’s been great to knock off so many goals before my 1st ALBUM ARRIVES. Go subscribe to me if you haven’t already AND like this pic if you’re one of the 3.5 MILLION YT SUBSCRIBERS!

History WILL be made when we hit 4 MILLION subscribers without having EVER signed. Love you all!


Dax’s consistency in the rap game had earned him mwnttions among the all time greats in the business.

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