Rema’s Debut Album Rave & Roses Could Break More Cultural Barriers and Still Be An Inspiration

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Before his two releases “Calm Down” alongside his most recent “Fresh Young Nigga” which had a power-packed input from the young British most beloved Aj Tracey. Rema has had a reputable career run spawning from his previous year’s effort, doubled with his many contributions on a range of tracks like Jae5’s “Dimension” featuring himself and Skepta, including Stefflondon’s “Can’t Let You Go” remix that had The African bad gyal’s effort Tiwa Savage, and other records he has had inputs upon.

Presently, Rema has laid his art on the pedestal upon assisting the UK’s sweetheart FKA Twig, who released her first mixtape “Caprisongs” under the clutches of Young and Atlantic Records. He had an amazing time on “Jealousy”, the eleventh record off the tape.

Currently, he anticipates his debut studio album “Rave and Roses” to be released on March 25th, 2022. After soundtracking us the beautiful moments of “Calm Down” that bears a strong singer and fans relationship, with continual video rollouts on social media outlets showcasing love for the record.

Rema is taking his art and the culture to another great height, as well as serving the cause of being another source of inspiration to other growing creators. On social media, every Rema fan has found “Calm Down” as such a fascinating buzz as a clip surfaced on the media having the American pop star Jason Derulo, alongside Rema flexing on the song. Rema’s caption was that His been taught dancing by Derulo. Quite interesting.

Rema’s most recent offering “Fresh Young Nigga” comes from a place of how he sees and takes pride in himself. Aj Tracey’s flows aren’t a coincidence either. It carries so much weight in catapulting Rema’s vision, expressing it alongside making it bold enough for fans to relate and adapt to it like Calm Down. Fresh Young Nigga also seems like Rema’s transition from the rough start to this point where he sits comfortably in relevance and takes the culture to a whole new level.

While “FYN” is one of those songs meant to break a limitation in the culture as well as it’d introduce Afrobeats to wider spaces, Rave & Roses in particular might be projected towards assisting Rema to break cultural barriers as he has always longed for and done. And becoming a source of inspiration to other growing stars.

Imagine such a step a debut album walks first before it is introduced like Omah Lay’s official 2022 single that featured the Canadian’s most beloved Justin Bieber on “Attention”, also another track trailing towards the release of his debut album – Boy Alone.

Same with Rema’s debut, they are walking together in the same direction, sampling Afro music in the cause of shaping the culture as well as serving a core purpose of being an inspiration to other Fella’s in the game.

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