Shatta Wale’s Girlfriend Sends Reply To His Mum

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Magdelene Love also known as Maglove has sent a message to Shatta Wale’s mother after she accused her of stopping her son from giving her money.

Reacting to this via a Facebook post she shared, Maglove accused Shatta Wale’s mother of fabricating lies to destroy her image even after paying her rent for some time. 

The Facebook post reads; 

We live in an environment where people try so hard to destroy someone with lies, but I know where all this frustration is coming from and the problem you have is not me.

I now understand why your son don’t trust you around him and always ask me to keep records of everything about you.

I paid your house rent few months ago but you have decided to lie against me because of little change, you sell your son out but i Pray and hope you succeed.

God no go shame us. I’m still Magluv and forever I will be

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